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Use our Initial Contact form to let us know you’re interested in hiring a Virtual Assistant team. Tell us as much as possible about your business, your needs and your budget. We’ll review this information carefully. 

Let's Talk

You can choose to set up a phone meeting right away if you’re the type that likes live conversation or you can choose to receive an e-mail with answers to your questions. This is up to you and how you work best. We want to know why you do what you do, where you may be struggling and what your goals are. Unlike other firms, we don’t set a time limit on consultations – take as much time as you need to understand if we’re the fit for you. During this consultation, you can expect:
    •    Significant time spent on understanding your business, time challenges and your goals
    •    A clear overview of how Virtual eSecretary will work with you on your business
    •    The services we provide that will best support you
    •    A clear discussion regarding fees and billing
    •    Ample time for questions
    •    A comprehensive plan for next steps 


 Once we decide to partner together, you receive a Welcome Packet from us to begin your onboarding process. This packet includes:

  • Our agreement including a Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement  (An important note about confidentiality/security: We have done everything we can to make you feel safe and secure when you’re working with us. If you have additional agreements you would like us to sign, we’re happy to do so.)